African swine fever

African swine fever is a real risk for animal health in Switzerland. To date, there is no authorized vaccine available. The disease is classified as highly contagious in the Ordinance on Epizootics. The IVI plays an essential role in the fight against African swine fever:

  • It is the only laboratory in Switzerland that can diagnose this virus.
  • Research into the virus is essential for prevention and control.
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Activities of the IVI (green) to confront the major issues (maroon) of African swine fever.

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Very important results :different factors affect progression of the disease

The hygienic status of pigs plays an important role in disease severity during infection with an attenuated strain of the African swine fever (ASF) virus). Studying surviving animals will contribute to the eventual development of a vaccine.

Recent research conducted at the IVI in collaboration with the University of Bern have just been published in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

Media Release

Video "African swine fever : the hygienic status of pigs plays an important role in the development of the disease"

What are the most important results of your study? How will these results eventually contribute to development of a vaccine? Listen to the answers of Kemal Mehinagic.

Video "African swine fever : Clinical symptoms in pigs - how and when to react?"

Although Switzerland is not presently afflicted by the African swine fever (ASF), the Institute for Virology and Immunology (IVI) is nevertheless working to determine the properties of the ASF strains that are circulating in Europe. Were there an outbreak in Switzerland, it would be important to ensure efficient and reliable laboratory diagnostics and to be continually abreast of the newest research findings in order to be able to deliver critical virological, immunological, clinical and pathological information to the Swiss veterinary service (in German).

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