The Virology Department focuses on understanding the virulence and pathogenesis of particular viral agents, especially classical swine fever virus and influenza A virus. In current projects, the Virology working group is collaborating with the Immunology working group to investigate how viruses affect the innate immunity of the host. The interferon signalling pathway is of particular interest in this respect. The findings from this work will contribute to our understanding of haemorrhagic disease systems which occur following infection with the above-mentioned viruses.

The methods established in the course of this work are important for both basic and applied research and often find their way into modern laboratory diagnostics.

This research also results in new approaches for the development of vaccines. We work closely with the Immunology working group to establish new methods for administering vaccines.

Which virus is behind the flu?

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While all eyes are focused on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, another virus currently circulating in Europe hits the poultry industry seriously. Hundreds of thousands of birds had to be culled this winter in order to control this epizootic. The pathogen responsible for this animal disease is an influenza virus. Other influenza viruses cause disease in pigs or “flu” in humans. What is the relationship between these different influenza viruses?

Interview with Dr Gert Zimmer, a virologist at the Institute of Virology and Immunology (IVI) and the University of Bern (PDF, 214 kB, 24.02.2022)

NEWS from IVI on cases in Switzerland 


Video interview with Volker Thiel on vaccination against coronavirus

Virologist Volker Thiel, Head of the Department of Virology at the IVI and Professor at the Uni Bern answers questions about Corona vaccination in a video interview.

Last modification 25.02.2022

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