Diagnostics and Development / Vaccination

Diagnostics and Development Department

The Department focuses primarily on routine diagnostic procedures, and collaborating with the Development Department on improving diagnostic methods. In this context, a number of pathogenic agents responsible for viral epizootic diseases - highly contagious agents necessitating an obligatory declaration under Swiss law (formerly List A disease of the OIE) - are handled by the IVI.

The main research goals for the Diagnostic and Development Department are therefore:

  • continual optimisation of existing tests,
  • development of new diagnostic methods in collaboration with the Development Department, 
  • participation in external research projects

Vaccine Control Department

The Department focuses primarily on the control of immunobiological products. Research is therefore focussed in this direction, particularly with respect to optimisation of methods for quality control of vaccines.

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Head Diagnostics and Development
Mittelhäusern and Bern
Dr.med.vet. PhD FVH
A. Vögtlin
Phone +41 (0) 58 469 92 68
A. Vögtlin

Head Vaccination
Dr.med.vet. H.P. Ottiger
Phone +41 (0)58 469 93 54
H.P. Ottiger

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