National crisis management exercise against African swine fever

As the national reference laboratory for highly contagious, viral pathogens the IVI plays an essential role in the fight against ASV. All collected samples are analysed in its high-security laboratory in Mittelhäusern (BE). (Press release in German)  


BVD - One final effort needed

In the final phase of BVD eradication, all possible ways by which the virus can spread must be eliminated: but how? The current body of knowledge on BVD virus and its control has recently been published.

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Rennende Hunde

World Rabies Day 2021

Rabies in Switzerland: a daily battle. If a case of rabies is suspected, prompt action is vital to protect potentially exposed humans against this deadly zoonosis.

Afrikanische Schweinepest ohne Text

Interview Research on African swine fever: is crucial for its prevention and control

Research on African swine fever is crucial for its prevention and control.

Melanie Brügger

Blog - Young researchers from the IVI

Melanie Brügger: «I could show that particular cell type of the lung can mount an antiviral response following infection, which might contribute to viral clearance and resolution of the disease.»



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